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World temperature stopped warming after the El Nińo peak of 1998. It is now going down sharply, in spite of record CO2 emissions.
But if we are to believe Al Gore, the emergence of two industrial giants using coal-fuelled power stations, China and India, should have caused runaway global warming.

In fact, the IPCC has proved incapable of predicting anything right since it was created 20 years ago. - It is high time for a reality check.


So let´s forget about climate modelling and global warming incantations for a minute. Instead, let us concentrate on reality :

January 16, 2009

The whole of Europe went through a big chill. Last week temperature reached 20şC below zero in Cantabría, Spain, and traffic collapsed in snowed-in Madrid. Same chaos in Marseille, with 30 cm of snow in the streets. The UK had its earliest winter in decades. Continental Europe´s ski stations have opened 2 months before the usual time, some on small mountains that hadn´t seen natural snow in twenty years. Canada and the northern US have been buried under the white stuff.

Record cold temperatures have been broken in many parts of the world, but the media generally prefer not to talk about them : it´s not PC.
Who would have thought the weather, of all things, would be subject to censorship ?

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Above : blanket of fog over Vancouver, Canada. Nothing unusual : just spectacular.( Courtesy of Karin )

What about the melting poles ?

The Antarctic is cooling, according to several studies. A new one, co-authored by infamous Michael Mann, pretends on the contrary that the white continent is actually warming. But critique Steve McIntyre, who had already exposed some terminal flaws in Mann´s "hockey stick" a few years back, has found the trick used in the new report : splicing 2 incompatible data sets together. ---> The bogus Antarctic report (http://www.iberica2000.org/documents/EOLICA/GLOBAL_WARMING/CLIMATE_CHANGE_LATEST/Critique_of_Mann_Antarctic_study.doc)

In any event, it is a fact that the sea level has practically stopped its unhurried 12,000-year-long rise. ---> SEA LEVEL (http://www.iberica2000.org/Documents/EOLICA/GLOBAL_WARMING/CLIMATE_CHANGE_LATEST/sea level stopped rising.jpg)

And in the Arctic, sea ice in November 2008 was covering the same extension as in the same period of 1979. Data from January 2009, when made available, may surprise us even further.

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Courtesy of The Univerity of Illinois : The Cryosphere today - a webspace devoted to the current state of our cryosphere. ---> "The Cryosphere today"

The Obama team has been warned by the Space and Science Research Center that " the Sun has entered an historic period of dramatically reduced activity which will bring us many long years of deep cold weather "

"According to national and international sources that monitor the Sun, what is happening on and in the Sun is nothing short of record setting, astounding, and at the same time worrisome. The solar wind is at its lowest level in fifty years. The surface movement on the Sun has slowed to record rates and according to NASA´s previous announcements is "off the bottom of the charts."

"The Earth has been in a long term cooling trend technically for eleven years. The significant drop in global temperatures that also occurred between January 2007 and much of 2008 should have been enough for most observers to finally accept that global warming is over, except that this information was intentionally not passed on to the American people. "

"The longer we delay the necessary nation-wide preparations for the coming cold era the more difficult it will be. If the extremist rhetoric of man made climate change advocacy takes hold in the Obama administration which at this point is at fever pitch, then the stage will be set for the new cold climate to catch us completely off guard and unprepared. This will cause many Americans to suffer needlessly."

"It was the Sun and not man that caused the past twenty years of peak heating and it is the same Sun that through a dramatic decline in its activity will now bring us decades of extreme cold climate."
--->Link to the full article

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Above : homes buried in snow - Canada, January 2009. Across the country, people hadn´t seen as much snow in 20 years.

Isn´t it about time we woke up, put the global warmers where they belong, and start preparing for the big and long chill ahead ? We are talking about a billion people actually starving to their death, maybe more, and tremendous hardship for everyone. For a return to the temperatures of the Little Ice Age (before 1850 A.D.) would mean widespread crop failures, and famine.

Do we want to feed starving children with bio-fuels ? Will we heat our frigid homes with windpowered electricity costing as much as the rent ? Or solar-powered juice going for twice that amount ?

Mark Duchamp

The negative effects of windfarms: links to papers published by Mark Duchamp

>> Autor: Mark Duchamp (20/01/2009)
>> Fuente: Mark Duchamp

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