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A top executive from the wind industry admits that the Danish market cannot handle additional loose cannons. His idea is to lay an interconnector between Danish offshore windfarms and the Dutch grid. This way, Denmark could put up more turbines in the North Sea. - The question is : will the Dutch want to follow the example of Denmark, and "break their system to pieces"?

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DONG ( Dansk Olie og Naturgas A/S ) are the energy conglomerate that absorbed ELSAM. They are the biggest player in Denmark´s energy market, and wish to expand their revenues from subsidised windpower.

But people are resisting further destruction of the Danish landscape. So DONG would like to expand offshore. The problem is : the Danish system is strained, and cannot absorb more erratic electricity from windfarms without large investments in backup power. That would make Danish electricity more expensive, yet households already pay 100% more for their electricity than other European consumers.

The Danes are presently using Norway, Sweden and Germany to cushion their windpower peaks. They sell them their surplus electricity, which usually occurs at night when wind is blowing strong and power is not needed. So the price they obtain for it is normally rock-bottom. Then, when wind-speed is inadequate, they buy power from the same countries. This generally occurs during peak hours, when demand is high and their power plants unable to cope. So they must pay top prices for it. It is a lose-lose situation.

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Enters the problem-solver, Anders Eldrup, DONG’s Administrative Director : “One option can be to become good at storing this unstable power, for example by developing battery technology to use the wind in the transport sector. There are great perspectives in this”

But, obviously, the miracle batteries have not been invented yet.

So he has a new idea, which is to sell wind power to Holland. All that is needed is to lay cables between offshore Danish windfarms and the Netherlands.

Candidly, he adds : “That is one of many options for becoming a leading country with a very big deployment of wind power without breaking the rest of our system to pieces”.

Of course, it will be more palatable to his countrymen if Danish windfarms wreck the Dutch system to pieces…

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We should be thankful to Anders Eldrup for confirming that the Danish electric system is being wrecked by windpower. It comforts us, windfarm opponents, to hear him admit that we were right all along.

But I wonder what the Dutch people would think if they read his interview. Would they want to take his loose cannons on board ?

This brings to mind what Howard Hayden, formerly Professor of Physics, Connecticut University, said years ago about the Danes : "In recent years, the little country Denmark has gained a certain amount of fame with its wind turbines. No, they don´t get much electricity from them. They sell them to suckers."

Now, six thousand wind turbines later, they get about 20% of their electricity from them ( more than any country ), but it wrecks their system. Erratic winds, and the resulting need for 24 hour backup, is what makes windpower a non-solution to our energy needs, and to global warming. See : Wind power - "variable" or "intermittent"? A problem - whatever the word.

Mark Duchamp…………………………………………April 20, 2007

Full article here :
“Dong: Lad os sende vindmøllestrøm til Holland” by Claus Djørup. 27 March 2007

Free translation available privately : save.the.eagles@gmail.com

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>> Autor: Mark Duchamp (20/04/2007)
>> Fuente: Mark Duchamp

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