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Climate fraud : 3 charts and a video that speak volumes


ClimateGate, GlacierGate, AmazonGate, KiwiGate, and a dozen other scandals are shaking our belief in anthropogenic global warming. But it´s easy to become dizzy listening to the arguments being flung across the room. So I propose something refreshing : charts, and a great video in layman´s language.


Here is the un-manipulated global temperature chart for the past 10,000 years (since the last ice age) appearing in an IPCC report dated 1990. It agrees with climate sceptics´ data. It has mysteriously disappeared from newer IPCC reports :

It was replaced by the alarming "hockey stick" chart, since proved to be grossly inaccurate and some say fraudulent. At the Kyoto Conference, this graph scared many delegates into supporting the Kyoto protocol. Here it is :

Not only the first 9000 years have been deleted from this chart, but the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age have been eliminated as well. "Warmist" Professor Phil Jones, forced to resign from the head of the CRU, has now admitted that temperatures during the Medieval Warm Period may have been higher than today.

And here´s another chart : CO2 and global temperature going back 600 million years. It has disappeared from the author´s webpage. I asked him if he had been intimidated into removing it : he did not reply.

This chart shows how preposterous it is to pretend that present temperatures and CO2 levels are uncommonly high and unprecedented, let alone related. It also evidences that "runaway global warming" is a myth.

Coming after a string of scandals involving the sacrosanct IPCC and one of its pillars, the University of East Anglia´s Climate Research Unit (CRU), another one has tarnished the world-famous NASA - GISS headed by scientist/activist James Hansen, and the National Climate Data Center based in Ashville, North Carolina. John Coleman, famous meteorologist and founder of the US Weather Channel, accuses both of having manipulated temperature data to show warming :
Video NASA - GISS caught red handed

The above video is the 4th segment of a 5-segment video on the climate fraud. The others may be viewed here : John Coleman´s videos

Except for the Washington Times and Fox News, the US media are trying to ignore the imploding climate change charade. Some say they obey to vested and/or partisan interests. Whatever the cause, History won´t be tender with them, for the media´s role is to inform, not to brainwash. Haven´t they learned anything from the Goebbels years ?

In the UK, the press is more responsive : the Telegraph, Timesonline, the Daily Mail and a few others don´t think lying to the public is good policy. We thank them for that. Channel Four tried to enlighten its audience once, but was rapped on the knucles by the TV contents quango. How´s that for freedom of information, in the birthplace of modern democracy ?

One of the worse examples of blinkered media may be Spain. Here, global warming reins supreme in spite of 3 winters that brought recod cold temperatures, record snowfalls, and record floods. It is truly amazing.

Insertado por: Mark Duchamp (15/02/2010)
Fuente/Autor: Mark Duchamp



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